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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Songworks :: Little Lanilei Tube Amp

Little Lanilei : 1/4 watt Tube Recording Amplifier

The little hand made amplifier comes factory stock with the new Songworks heavy duty proprietary 6 1/2” speaker. And features hand assembled point to point construction.
Hand assembled circuit’s feature one 12au7 and one 12ax7a tubes driving a small output transformer to the internal speaker.

The Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt answers the guitarists call for a small practice and/ recording amplifier that is all tube.
This little amp is feature packed most everything you would need for low level practice or recording. The Lanilei 1/4 Watt model has the classic oxblood grill with the Lanilei logo in 16 color embroidery. Size is only 8” x 8” x 7” at 10lbs.

They are stunning to play and look at!
Featuring point to point hand wired tube circuits with line out, speaker out, 3 way foot switchable gain settings. Controls are: Preamp,, Tone and Master. With a true tube pre and power amp, these are destined to be adopted as the creme de la crème of miniature tube based combo.

Sound Clip Click here to hear this beautiful little amp in action.


Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt all tube practice amp----What you need to know!!!

What is it?

It’s simply most versatile practice/recording amp made today, it has great features like:

1) One 12au7 tube
2) One 12ax7a tube used as a REAL output power tube
3) Master volume control, pre amp control, tone control
4) High gain, low gain, mid gain settings ,foot switchable.
5) Head phone out
6) Line out
7) Internal 6 1/2” speaker (same custom made version used in all our popular amplifiers)
8) Floating filament power supply for hum free operation
9) Star grounding
10) Two external speaker output jacks, one cuts off the internal speaker, one leaves it on.
11) Hand wired point to point tube socket assemblies
12) Hand made in the USA.

How does the Lanilei 1/4 Watt work?

The new little amp was design to recreate the warm tube tone of an “all tube amp”by controlling all electrical parameters on the circuit I have essential been able to achieve this very sot after tone in a very small light weight package You will NOT hear the thin preamp tube tone buzz we have all been subject to from other amplifiers. It has been completely removed with my design. The first tube handles all of the gain/tone portion of your audio signal, the second tube is driving a small output transformer to the speaker.

Is there a power tube?

YES. the little amp is using the last stage of 12ax7 as a power tube.The 12ax7 “power tube” is driving a small output transformer to the internal custom made 6 ½” speaker.

What does it sound like?

My inspiration was my Marshall 50 watt plexi and a Fender Bassman.mix I have been modifying amps for years and wanted to have a practice amp that sounded like my big amps.

How loud is 1/4 watt?

A good example of 1/4 watt of power in this amp is how loud most people normally speak. Its perfect for bed room/studio use.Case in point: I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old son, I can get the VH 1 or Hendrix vibe at a level that they can be asleep in the next room and I won’t wake them.The little amp also has a master for total control of volume level.

Can I drive extra cabinets?

Yes, you can drive any cabinet(s) 8-16 ohm
Can I drive a 4x12?
Yes, easily.
Can I drive head phones

Why does this amp have such low power?

For years I have been building this circuit into my other line of amps. I call it “amp in an amp design” .There has always been a lot of interest in a very low power all tube amp. I have been building them for over 10 years. If you want more of the same incredible tone at club or concert level try the other line of Lanilei Amps.They have the unique addition of an internal power soak driving into a solid state booster, this provides the same tone at earth shattering volume levels or turned down to a whisper. No one spends as much time with hi or low level tone as we do.

Why did you use the 12ua7 and 12ax7 tubes, can I use my own tubes?

The “12a” series tubes are readily available and cheep.Yes, you can use your own tubes but I have found the perfect combination of these two tubes to be the best at low noise and high gain usage. You are welcome to try your own tubes.

What is so unique about the 6 ½” speaker?

The Little hand made driver was developed to achieve a full spectrum of tone from warm lows to crisp highs. For over 5 years we have been hand building this speaker. We most recently have contracted US manufacture to build it for us.

Where is the amp made?

The amp is made right here in San Juan Capistrano Ca. Tube circuitry is wired point to point. When you buy from us you are helping to support no less than 5 small business’s in America .

Each amp is built one at a time.

Ordering is Easy, just give us a call! (949) 582 7720