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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ibanez HRG2007 RNS: Shred Heaven


This is one very nice guitar, if you want a fast neck, great looks and shred style guitar then this is one of my top picks.

More details on the following link: Click here for details ( I took the liberty of translating it into english)


Selected Flame Maple
Body: S.A.Mahogany
Neck: 5pcs. Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard: Selected Rosewood ~ 430mm
Front Pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton (H)
Center Pickup: DiMarzio Blue Velvet (S)
Rear Pickup: DiMarzio Tone Zone (H)
PUHardware: Cosmo Black
Bridge: Edge Pro
Finish: RNS (lac varnish)

6 Strings or 7 Strings? Which AXE to slay the BEAST

I have been playing guitar now for about 10 years, all my guitars have been the 6 string variety. I have just recently been looking at the 7 string guitars and I am very tempted to give it a try?

From all the different types of necks out there I prefer the flat thin profile. Although I have not tried it, I would think the wizard neck on the Ibanez is what I am looking for. I used to own a Godin Multiac it had a very nice shaped neck that also had the unfinished wood feel. I crave this type of neck, thin, wide, and fast no glossy/sticky finish.

I was looking at the Stephan Forte Signature LAG model, this is an awesome guitar. I love the low profile body on this guitar with a wicked fast shredding neck. I was up last night surfing guitars and made an interesting discovery, the Ibanez Frank Gambale's S series from 1987. Take a look at the features and you will see that the LAG guitar is like a twin brother, judge for yourself... pictures below.

Stephan Forte Signature LAG: Shredders Dream Guitar

The "Stéphan Forté Signature" guitar represents the top of LAG craftsmanship and achieved innovating guitar concept. The most particular features of this guitar are the 27 easy-accessible frets, combined with a totally profiled and sculpted body.

10 last frets are scalloped for bend-easy-access, and neck contour is perfectly adapted to high-speedy-playing ! ( thickness: 19 - 21 mm )

Configuration Details:

Scale: 648 mm

Neck / Body Junction: Sculpted for high-notes easy-access

Headstock: Reversed and uses 7-high-precision Lag machine-heads

Woods: Neck comes from a tight-grained Rock maple piece from Quebec

Fingerboard: Selected African deep-black Ebony

Body: Fine-Flamed-Maple top on a light Basswood body base ( 50 / 50% )
Wood-binding enhances the slim body-shape with the natural flamed-grain of the maple-top.

Tremolo: Original US Floyd Rose built in 7-strings version, loud and deep sustain guaranteed

Electronics: DiMarzio Evolution-7 and Blaze pickups for extraordinary power and tone, intense overdriven response, but with deep clarity and string definition. 1 master volume, close to finger-touch, 1 master tone with push-pull split-control, leads from deep fast sounds to clearest tones.

The pickup-5-way switch is positioned at the last end of the index-finger, with circle-action, following perfectly finger movement !This switch allows all pickups combinations, including single-coil sounds with push-pull humbuckers-splits. All electronics routings are protected by Lag Exclusive Graphite painting, all hum and noises are totally eliminated.

Finish: Exclusive Black shadow varnish, with deep see-through black nuances, front and rear. Rear electronics and tremolo panels are made in solid-profiled maple, black-satin varnished.

Below: Ibanez FGM Frank Gambale Series:

Above: The Frank Gambale Series - FGM 400QM

Above: The FGM 300 in Metallic Green and Desert Yellow Sun

Above: The FGM 200 in Black and White

Configuration Details:

FGM 100 (1991~1994)
Sculpted Ultra thin offset double cutaway Mahogany 
Neck: One piece maple, 22 fret Rosewood fingerboard Color matched "Shark tooth" inlay  
Hardware: Black Hardware, 6 in line tuners and double locking vibrato.
DiMarzio Super Distortion /Ibanez Single Coil / Ibanez Humbucker 

Control: Volume, tone, 5 way selector switch 
Color: Desert Sun Yellow, Pink Salmon & Sky Blue

FGM 200 (1994~1996) 
Clay dot inlay 
Pickup:DiMarzio Super Distortion x2 /DiMarzio HS-3
Gotoh fixed bridge 
Color: Black & White

FGM 300 (1994~1996)  
Pearl "Shark tooth" inlay
Double locking vibrato
Desert Yellow Sun & Metallic Green

FGM 400 (1997~1999)  
Pearl block "Frank Gambale Signature" at 12th fret  
Pickup: DiMarzio Super Distortion /DiMarzio Fast Truck x2
Blazer Blue & Quilted Top Maple