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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marchione Guitars

Introducing the one piece masterpiece, this guitar has to be heard to believe:

Tone, sustain and beauty !!! This is a beautiful guitar, anyone serious about guitar has to consider one of these masterpieces.

The following copy is from Stephens website, if you would like more info Stephen is always ready to answer any questions....

I’m Stephen Marchione and I welcome you to my web page.

Here I’d like to share with you my current work as well as various stringed instruments that I’ve built since becoming a full time luthier in 1989. I’m pleased to share my art with you via photos and video and I’m honored to feature the work of my friend’s and client’s beautiful music.

After all, it’s all about the music; and my promise to you is to consistently build guitars and violins that are seductively transparent in accessing your muse.

My passion for the instruments is broad and that is why I offer such a wide variety of guitars and violins.

I craft Classical guitars, Flamenco guitars, Archtop guitars, Carve Top guitars, Neck-Through the Body and Tremolo Electric guitars. I adore making violins on the Stradivari and Guarnieri patterns.

I play Jazz, Blues ,Spanish and Italian Classical repetoire and I’m passionate about Flamenco. I understand your needs as a player and I believe this gives me great insight into the mystical qualities that great instruments possess: they call you to express on your highest level.

In addition to my guitar and violin construction I design stringed instruments, from scratch, for my own models as well as for companies seeking the highest quality commercial designs. I design and draw full size instrument blue prints with all measurements specified to .001”.

I also offer full prototype development from these drawings. If I can be of further service to you please call me on my direct studio line 713 522 7221

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Parker Guitars Simply Amazing

If you like to play guitar, you owe it to yourself to try a Parker Fly... Just do it... then you can thank me later... :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Parker Fly - Axel Rudich Custom S2

This Parker FLY S2 was a custom mod by the late great Axel Rudich, the following paragraph is an email from the person who had Axel make it:

My guitar has just arrived from Axel! He did a beautiful job and it really sounds incredible. I think I can literally say that I have the only fly in the world with lipstick tube pickups. Axel said this was the scond most crazy guitar design he has worked on next to the Belew Fly!

It is all point to point handwired. I had him change what the knobs do as well. Now they are Mag volume, mag tone, piezo volume, piezo tone. Each of those 4 knobs is a push pull. First one puts the neck and mid PU in series. Second one reverses the phase of the middle PU. Third one puts the bridge PU on. Fourth one UNSPLITS the bridge PU making it a humbucker (with no knobs pulled the 5-way works just like a strat!)

You can imagine the tonal possibilities with all of the push pulls and the 5-way switch...and of course the piezos! Truly a magnificent guitar and very fun to see an idea that I had but was unable to do myself come to fruition thru the hands of a master.

Thanks Axel!

Some specs on the S2 below:


The Lipstick pickups were made by GFS (Guitar Fetish). Axel talked with them about their construction and we decided to install those over the SD's.

Neck: GFS lipstick tube 4.9k
Middle: GFS lipstick tube 6.0k reverse wound/polarity
Bridge: GFS lipstick tube humbucker 12.0k

Here is a list of the pickup switching options (not counting the piezos):

Parker Fly Switching Options with 5-way switch and 4 push-pull pots:

Position 1:

1) neck
2) neck parallel with bridge humbucker
3) neck parallel with bridge split

Position 2:

1) neck parallel with middle
2) neck parallel with middle out of phase
3) neck series with middle
4) neck series with middle out of phase
5) neck parallel with middle parallel with bridge humbucker
6) neck parallel with middle out of phase parallel with bridge humbucker
7) neck series with middle parallel with bridge humbucker
8) neck series with middle out of phase parallel with bridge humbucker
9) neck parallel with middle parallel with bridge split
10) neck parallel with middle out of phase parallel with bridge split
11) neck series with middle parallel with bridge split
12) neck series with middle out of phase parallel with bridge split

Position 3:

1) middle
2) middle parallel with bridge humbucker
3) middle parallel with bridge split
4) middle parallel with bridge humbucker out of phase
5) middle parallel with bridge split out of phase

Position 4:

1) middle parallel with bridge humbucker
2) middle parallel with bridge split
3) middle parallel with bridge humbucker out of phase
4) middle parallel with bridge split out of phase

Position 5:

1) bridge humbucker
2) bridge split

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

John Petrucci BFR F1

Wicked guitar, awesome player, pass me the tums I have gas...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

PRS Rocking

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steve Vai Duel Crossroads

I remember watching this movie it seems like yesterday, but it was more like 25 or more years ago. I was just a teenager and I remember how cool this movie was then, I am now 44 years old and it is still way cool. This clip bought a smile to my face, I am still smiling...


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Songworks :: Little Lanilei Tube Amp

Little Lanilei : 1/4 watt Tube Recording Amplifier

The little hand made amplifier comes factory stock with the new Songworks heavy duty proprietary 6 1/2” speaker. And features hand assembled point to point construction.
Hand assembled circuit’s feature one 12au7 and one 12ax7a tubes driving a small output transformer to the internal speaker.

The Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt answers the guitarists call for a small practice and/ recording amplifier that is all tube.
This little amp is feature packed most everything you would need for low level practice or recording. The Lanilei 1/4 Watt model has the classic oxblood grill with the Lanilei logo in 16 color embroidery. Size is only 8” x 8” x 7” at 10lbs.

They are stunning to play and look at!
Featuring point to point hand wired tube circuits with line out, speaker out, 3 way foot switchable gain settings. Controls are: Preamp,, Tone and Master. With a true tube pre and power amp, these are destined to be adopted as the creme de la crème of miniature tube based combo.

Sound Clip Click here to hear this beautiful little amp in action.


Little Lanilei 1/4 Watt all tube practice amp----What you need to know!!!

What is it?

It’s simply most versatile practice/recording amp made today, it has great features like:

1) One 12au7 tube
2) One 12ax7a tube used as a REAL output power tube
3) Master volume control, pre amp control, tone control
4) High gain, low gain, mid gain settings ,foot switchable.
5) Head phone out
6) Line out
7) Internal 6 1/2” speaker (same custom made version used in all our popular amplifiers)
8) Floating filament power supply for hum free operation
9) Star grounding
10) Two external speaker output jacks, one cuts off the internal speaker, one leaves it on.
11) Hand wired point to point tube socket assemblies
12) Hand made in the USA.

How does the Lanilei 1/4 Watt work?

The new little amp was design to recreate the warm tube tone of an “all tube amp”by controlling all electrical parameters on the circuit I have essential been able to achieve this very sot after tone in a very small light weight package You will NOT hear the thin preamp tube tone buzz we have all been subject to from other amplifiers. It has been completely removed with my design. The first tube handles all of the gain/tone portion of your audio signal, the second tube is driving a small output transformer to the speaker.

Is there a power tube?

YES. the little amp is using the last stage of 12ax7 as a power tube.The 12ax7 “power tube” is driving a small output transformer to the internal custom made 6 ½” speaker.

What does it sound like?

My inspiration was my Marshall 50 watt plexi and a Fender Bassman.mix I have been modifying amps for years and wanted to have a practice amp that sounded like my big amps.

How loud is 1/4 watt?

A good example of 1/4 watt of power in this amp is how loud most people normally speak. Its perfect for bed room/studio use.Case in point: I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old son, I can get the VH 1 or Hendrix vibe at a level that they can be asleep in the next room and I won’t wake them.The little amp also has a master for total control of volume level.

Can I drive extra cabinets?

Yes, you can drive any cabinet(s) 8-16 ohm
Can I drive a 4x12?
Yes, easily.
Can I drive head phones

Why does this amp have such low power?

For years I have been building this circuit into my other line of amps. I call it “amp in an amp design” .There has always been a lot of interest in a very low power all tube amp. I have been building them for over 10 years. If you want more of the same incredible tone at club or concert level try the other line of Lanilei Amps.They have the unique addition of an internal power soak driving into a solid state booster, this provides the same tone at earth shattering volume levels or turned down to a whisper. No one spends as much time with hi or low level tone as we do.

Why did you use the 12ua7 and 12ax7 tubes, can I use my own tubes?

The “12a” series tubes are readily available and cheep.Yes, you can use your own tubes but I have found the perfect combination of these two tubes to be the best at low noise and high gain usage. You are welcome to try your own tubes.

What is so unique about the 6 ½” speaker?

The Little hand made driver was developed to achieve a full spectrum of tone from warm lows to crisp highs. For over 5 years we have been hand building this speaker. We most recently have contracted US manufacture to build it for us.

Where is the amp made?

The amp is made right here in San Juan Capistrano Ca. Tube circuitry is wired point to point. When you buy from us you are helping to support no less than 5 small business’s in America .

Each amp is built one at a time.

Ordering is Easy, just give us a call! (949) 582 7720


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Gibson Neal Schon Signature

If you want to see the details this link will take you to Gibson Custom Click Here

This is one wicked Gibson, for a great interview you can read more at Modern Guitars

This is a small exrtract from the interview.

Yes, they're only building 25 Custom Shop Masterbuilt Les Pauls with my name on them. Edwin Wilson was Gibson's master builder and he worked with my guitar tech, Scott Appelton. Gibson had Gary Brawer figure out the best set up for the guitar. It's a great guitar these guys have pulled together.

I've been working with Gibson forever and have always loved Gibsons. I've worked for years with Gibson's CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, even though we never had a contract.
During the 1970s and 1980s Gibson did use my likeness, but we never signed anything. This new Signature model is the first time we struck a formal written deal for a guitar with my name on it.

I intend on working more with Gibson on other models -- I have a lot of design ideas and Henry's given me the green light to work the way we did on the Les Paul. I'll do the same sort of thing to future models, like doing the hot rodding thing.

The Ultimate Guitar Cleaner and Polish

When I first received up my Gibson ES-369 is was dull and had collected quite a bit of dirt and grim build up over the years it had been played, I guess this is to be expected since is was born in 1980.

I heard of this Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish and read a few of the reviews they had received, I figured I would give it a try not a lot to lose it was not expensive.

I can honestly say that I was super impressed. I mean I was taking off layers of dirt and grim, the important thing is to use a clean cotton cloth... I then used the polish and I can only say it is like looking at a new guitar, the transformation is amazing to put it simple and plain, Awesome.

I love this stuff I give my guitar a quick wipe down after playing it and the fingerprints and sweat come right off, it is a black guitar so it shows every mark. I just gave it a second application of the cleaner and polish after 6 months, I figure the product is going to last me a few years, great value.

If you owe a nice guitar and want to keep it looking good, do yourself a favor and your guitar a favor and use this cleaner and polish, you will be glad you did.

Here is a bit about them from their site:

The Virtuoso Group, Inc. has been active in the vintage and boutique guitar industry since 1995. The genesis was Virtuoso Vintage Guitars, Inc., which was started in a quest to provide a better alternative to serious collectors who sought out world class instruments. Virtuoso's specialty was pre war Martin and Gibson acoustics, Custom Color Fender instruments and rare Gibson's.

In the years that Virtuoso Vintage Guitars was in business, their offerings (and subsequent sales) included pre war Martin D-45's, OM-42'2 and OM-45's, civil war era Martins, numerous Fender Custom Color and maple neck Strats and Teles. The Gibson offerings included everything from Orville period mandolins, Style O's and Harp guitars to "59 Les Paul Standards, dot neck ES-335's and rare limited editions like "The Les Paul". Other notable instruments include the last guitar signed by C.F. Martin the III, a rare 10 screw pickguard '59 Stratocaster (Custom Color, birdseye maple neck, no neck date), The Gary Josey D-45 and Mike Longworth's employee 1968 12 fret Slothead D-45.

Virtuoso Premium Polish and Virtuoso Premium Cleaner grew out of the need to care for these instruments. Even though they may have been world class instruments, when we got them they weren't always in world class condition. The guitar care products available in 1995 would not clean the finishes without either (a) adding to the grime or (b) damaging the finish.

We set out to find a chemist capable of helping us develop a guitar care system that would allow us to clean years of accumulated dirt and grime without lifting or damaging the finish and also help protect the finish and wood underneath going forward. After numerous attempts and formula changes we arrived at the products now known as Virtuoso Premium Polish and Virtuoso Premium Cleaner. It is the only two part cleaning system designed specifically for nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. It also works wonders on polyurethane and UV cured finishes found on newer instruments.

The products were designed and developed to help prepare our instruments for sale, not specifically as a resale item. Only after numerous requests at vintage guitar shows did we decide to offer Virtuoso Premium Polish and Virtuoso Premium Cleaner for sale to the public.

Try some and find out why serious collectors around the world won't use anything but Virtuoso Premium Polish and Virtuoso Premium Cleaner on their instruments

Web Site:

Friday, February 2, 2007

WANTED - Ibanez Frank Gambale 'FGM 400QM'

I would very much like to add one of the FGM 400QM models to my meager collection, anyone out there who knows where I could find one please contact me.

If you own one I would love to hear what you think about it? Send me your review on it and I will post it, also any images would be very kool...